Favourite Poems XLIX

Eight haiku by Matsuo Bashōtranslated by R. K. Blyth. Wikipedia tells us the Shinto priesthood deified Basho in 1793, a sort of minor god of poetry, and for a time critical evaluation of his work was literally considered blasphemous.


Moonlight slants through
The vast bamboo grove:
A cuckoo cries


Ah, summer grasses!
All that remains
Of the warriors dreams.


Along this road
Goes no one;
This autumn evening.


From time to time
The clouds give rest
To the moon beholders.


The butterfly is perfuming
It’s wings in the scent
Of the orchid.


Yes, spring has come
This morning a nameless hill
Is shrouded in mist.


It is deep autumn
My neighbor
How does he live, I wonder.


The old pond
A frog jumps in
The sound of water.

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