CNO Stupid

So I was reading an issue of the CNO* rag — The Standard — just to catch up. Usually I read the back pages first, the ones that contain the disciplinary decisions, just to make sure none of my classmates were featured.** (Hello, schadenfreude.)  Usually, in fact, that’s all I read.  It probably speaks to the sick and fevered condition of my mind that I am more interested in salacious detail then, say, the latest edict from my regulatory body.

Oh well.   Anyway this insert falls out, which says the College is considering changes to its bylaws, and wants my input.  Ahem.  From little ole me?

The College wants to 1) raise the fees for registration for nurses returning to the profession and for nurses from foreign countries to $1500 to verify their credentials and 2) impose a fee of a $1000 to reinstate nurses who licences are suspended.

This sort of thing drives me batshit.  Because it so bogus.

In the first place, if the goal is to encourage nurses into the profession, a $1500 fee for “credentialling” is probably not the best way to go about it.   Which brings me to the second point.  Where the hell did they get the figure of $1500?  Is this a number that accurately reflects the actual cost of this “credentialling”?  Or a number they pulled out of someone’s . . . hat?  I would have been happier if  the College had said, “We’re going to charge $1457.94.”  Then I would know that the fee had actually been costed out.

Or to put it another way, $1500 represents  37.12 hours of nurse at top scale (in Ontario) — or almost exactly a week’s gross salary. You can’t tell me it takes 37.12 hours to complete a task that a trained squirrel with a mouse and internet access could probably do in half an hour.***

The deal is that when the College changes its by-laws, it needs to “consult” its members, by which they mean sending out crappy questionaires in which you don’t have the slightest hope in hell of making an informed contribution.  Is $1500 reasonable? Damned if I know.  But using the squirrel analogy, I’m sort of doubtful.

Oh, and don’t further insult my intelligence by calling a $1000 penalty for reinstatement a “fee”.  It’s a fine for bad behaviour. At least be honest and call it what it is.
*College of Nurses of Ontario. The organization that regulates nurses in Ontario.  Situated on the ugly end of an unfashionable street in downtown Toronto (or is it the other way round?) Bane of all nurses.
**This has actually happened.
***Including the affixing of the College seal thereto.


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