Don’t Mess with Me, Bucko

We’ve had a clutch of new emerg docs in the last few months, fresh, giggly, and just off the assembly line:  they all still have that new doc smell.  They’re all in awe of themselves and each other, being so amazingly smart and everything, which means (to them) the RNs must defer to their utter awesomeness, bow meekly, and generally kiss ass.

It’s very funny, really.

One of my best friends in the Emerg is Dianne, who has pink rhinestone-studded reading  glasses,  and takes no shit from anyone.   New cocky doc comes up to her, all bright and shiny and urgent, and says, “You do know how to put on a polysporin dressing, don’t you?”

“What the hell?,” she asks, looking over the new doc like he’s an unpleasant present the cat brought  in, and thinking, tete de merde. “What do you think?  Sweetheart, I have pantyhose older than you.”

Oh well, he’ll learn. . .


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