Top Ten Reasons ICU Won’t Take Your Patient

10. We’re too busy.

9. We have too many vents.

8. We’re understaffed.

7. We have staff, but the patients are too heavy.

6. Two rooms are being waxed, so those beds aren’t available.

5. We need to do bed moves.

4. The patient is discharged/died, but he’s still in the bed, so your patient can’t come.

3. It’s too close to shift change.1

2. We want to see if your patient gets better.2

1. Your patient is too unstable for the ICU.3

1Which excludes 2 hours before and 2 hours prior to shift change, eight hours a day; if the ICU nurse is going on break, this can be easily be extended an hour.

2I have actually heard this. Meaning, “We want to see if the patient dies.”



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