When Supper Looks Like Something Post-Procedural

Bingo 2

Hospital Food Bingo, anyone?

We sat in Observation and giggled and giggled — it was a slow morning, okay?

This guy, I have to say, has it good. Compared to the slop we give our patients in Canada — and I do mean slop, as in pig food, because hospital administrators see providing decent food to patients as a problem in livestock nutrition  — the meals in Britain’s NHS look like cordon bleu.

But Notes from a Hospital Bed raises a serious issue. Hospital food sucks. I don’t mean it has the existential suckiness in way a salad from McDonald’s does because it’s (a) a stereotype of a salad, a salad imagined by marketers, and (b) it’s from McDonalds.* I mean it sucks in a deeply fundamental, dishonest way. It is shit pretending to be food. It reeks of of health care condescension and the seconds freezer at Almost Perfect.

Is it even ethical to be associated with hospital food, to pretend that eating it will put patients on the road to good health?


*Admittedly, and this is no cause for celebration, even a salad from McDonald’s would be a vast improvement over the crap du jour served at Canadian hospitals.

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