Brain Freeze

Overheard at triage:

Distraught Father: My son has a severe headache!

Triage Nurse: When did the headache start?

D.F.: About a half hour ago.

Triage Nurse: Did he bang his head?

D.F.: He drank orange juice.

Triage Nurse: What?

D.F.: It was really cold.

Triage Nurse:  So let me review: your son drank some cold orange juice and got a headache.  Is that right?

D.F. Yeah.

Triage Nurse: And you never got a headache from eating ice cream too fast? [To son] Do you still have a headache?

Son:  No.

Triage Nurse: [as she scores patient a CTAS 5] Uhuh.

D.F.: [defensively] Well, he had a headache!

Father was literally laughed out of the department, no doubt engendering years of therapy for his poor son.


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