Lo, a Compliment

I survived, though admittedly with an easy assignment — and thankfully I was nowhere near the triage desk. The emerg was actually pretty good last night. Anecdotally speaking, it seemed there was lots of r/o  influenza, but very little of the usual emergency department silliness. Maybe people are getting the message to stay out emergency unless things are dire?

Compliments, which any emergency RN will tell you, are few and far between, and are always viewed with a very large grain of salt. “You’re the best nurse I’ve ever had,” usually translates into “I want something from you” or something equally as manipulative. But I was discharging this patient last night, with whom I spent a lot of time doing health teaching, explaining the care plan, and reassuring, and as he was leaving, he said, “You are the best nurse I have ever dealt with. You are really good.”

I was so taken aback, I was left speechless. No mean feat. I don’t do compliments well, especially from patients.  And genuine compliments are generally rare birds. Being older and cynical, I’ll take what I can get.

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