Scenes from the H1N1 Pandemic

“My father sent me in. He was worried I had the swine flu. I’m not really sick, though.”

“I called my family doctor because I was short of breath, and he said to come right in.”

“I called my family doctor and she said they weren’t seeing flu patients and to come right in.”

“I called my family doctor, and she told me to come right in to get the flu shot because I wasn’t feeling well.”

“The flu clinic in ——— was too busy and they told me to come here for the shot.”

“I called Telehealth Ontario, and the told me to come right in.”

“I called Telehealth Ontario, and they said you would have a bed ready for me.”

“I called Telehealth Ontario, and they said I was too sick with the flu to stay at home.”

“I don’t want to drop dead like that kid in Vaughan.”

“I have fever, and a cough. And muscle and joint pain.”

“I have fever and miasmas.”

“I have a fever and I ache all over.”

“The doctor gave me antibiotics yesterday and told me I had the flu and I’m not any better.”

“I want Tamiflu.”

“I took Tylenol yesterday for the fever.”

“I gave her Tempra last night. ”

“I still have a fever.”

“A kid at his daycare has it, and so can we all get swabs?”

“My doctor sent me to get the swab.”

“I have a cough and fever and muscle and joint pain.”

“She is so short of breath unless you bring her right away she will die.”

“I have a fever and cough and shortness of breath.”

“I was exposed to someone confirmed with H1N1 a week ago.”

“I just came back from Cuba, and I think I have the flu.”

“I have a little cough for about a week.”

“I have had problems breathing, and a cough for three weeks.”

‘I’m allergic to the hand sanitizer.”

“Do I have to wear the mask?”

“The mask will make me vomit.”

“Does everyone here have the flu?”

“Is the wait long?”

“Can you please help us?”


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  1. #1 by maha on Sunday 01 November 2009 - 1636

    I told some of my ‘flu’ patients who were eager to get swabbed that the swab goes very very high up the nose and its a bristly little brush. A lot of them signed out AMA – I’m a bad bad nurse!

  2. #2 by torontoemerg on Monday 02 November 2009 - 1009

    Heh… I should keep one for demonstration purposes at triage.

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