Man Card

Buddy is 22 years-old, and buddy has had too much of the Molson’s. Or so his girlfriend says. Buddy is semi-conscious, moaning and holding his stomach.

“Do something,” the girlfirend yells. “He’s sick!”

No, he’s drunk. There’s a difference. But still, we do the usual I-drank-to-much routine: IV fluids, bloodwork, in bed, in the recovery position.

Ethanol level comes back.

12 mmol/L.

12, is what, half a beer? Buddy could’ve driven home. The legal limit is 17.

Buddy goes home, miraculously cured. Girlfriend is chastened, and maybe even a little disgusted.

It was Brad who summarized the situation.

“Buddy,” he said, “needs to turn in his man card.”


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  1. #1 by maha on Thursday 19 November 2009 - 1455

    Ah the man card – I remember laughing my arse off when I saw that in an episode of scrubs! I love the youngish folk who come in from da club all messed up and then find out their EtOH is 10. Silly folk.

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