A Milestone and Thank You

Sometime today, the counter on the right side of this page will spin over 10,000 page views. This is pretty freakin’ amazing, considering this little ole blog only passed the 1,000 hit mark on 8/11/09. What can I say but thanks, guys, for reading my ramblings. I hope to keep you entertained well into the future.

Small housekeeping note: I am seriously considering, but haven’t definitely decided, adding another contributor(s) to keep the place lively. I have a couple of people I know personally in mind.  The reason: there is (at least for me) this compromise going on between quality and quantity. In other words, I like posting daily, if I can, because it keeps you guys engaged and reading; on the other hand, the writing is better if the pace is more, um, restrained.

So two questions:

1. Do you think getting another contributor would be detrimental to this blog?

2. Are any of youse guys interested in coming on board either as a contributor or cross-posting from your own site? (I know you really want to!) Inquiries  can be made to me at torontoemergencyrn(at)gmail(dot)com.

  1. #1 by atyourcervix on Saturday 23 January 2010 - 1354

    Welcome to popularity!! The more you read on other blogs, and comment on them, the more visitors you will see on your blog. Also, the more people who add your blog to their public blogroll, the more hits you’ll get too.

    Best advice? Try to come up with a good quality blog post daily, or every 2-3 days to keep people coming and reading. I know it’s not always easy. But there are literally 1000’s of topics out there in the medical/nursing arena to write about.

  2. #2 by mog on Saturday 23 January 2010 - 1754

    I really enjoy your blog and your insights. If you have another contributor I would be wary of diluting the impact of your words, changing from one style to another between posts. Can you add another page os you have one page or tab per author??

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