In Which TorontoEmerg is Cranky

Okay, it might be the gastro talking. But.

I know Nursing Notes likes this article, but for my taste it smacks a little too much of the nursing lit version of those damn annoying Teddy Bear Scrubs, you know, the sort of uplifting, motivational piece where it’s shown Nurses are Super! and Nursing is a Super Profession! and ever every bullet point ends in an Exclamation Mark! because, you, Nurse, are Super!

A clue: the author worked in Human Resources prior to coming over to the Dark(er) Side. I can’t help but notice our supposed “virtues” happen to coincide with a managerial vision of what nurses are meant to be, i.e. hard-working, picking up extra shifts, increasing patient load with nary a complaint, etc.

I’m feeling queasy enough.


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  1. #1 by AnonymousRN on Thursday 04 February 2010 - 2120

    Yeah… I donno what happy pills they are on to be that perky. They remind me of those keen cheerleader type chicks in highschool.

    Wait… maybe they work somewhere where they can actually get their vacation requests granted and aren’t sitting here is the disgusting gray cold when they had hoped to be lying on a tropical beach somewhere…. hmmm….

  2. #2 by Wanderer on Friday 05 February 2010 - 0052

    What she doesn’t understand is that usually when we pick up the extra 12-hour stint, it isn’t about altruism, but it’s the extra 12-hours of pay and the overtime is usually entails. Mercenary? Many of us are.

    But I agree, far too perky, far too cheerleader-esque, far too removed from the bedside.

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