Call Me Paranoid

The ward clerks carry tremendous informal power in any emergency department, because they’re the ones who actually make the place run and bring a modicum of order to the chaos. As you know, I’ve been doing a run of charge the past week in preparation (it seems) for my formal enthronement and apotheosis as permanent charge in April, which means I have spending a lot of time in their company.

The oldest, most senior and most respected of them told me this week that I was “doing a good job” and I was going to “make a good charge nurse.”

I don’t take compliments well. You all know that. They make me a little crazy. I glowed for a while, then got to thinking. What did she mean by that? When is the other shoe going to drop? What is she really up to?


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  1. #1 by atyourcervix on Tuesday 09 February 2010 - 0939

    It means, “I’m retiring soon. I want to get the heck out of here. I’d better pay some compliments to those that will eventually take my place.”

  2. #2 by mog on Tuesday 09 February 2010 - 1933

    Maybe she just meant it.

  3. #3 by lisa on Tuesday 09 February 2010 - 1944

    I am guessing she meant you are doing a good job :) take it!

  4. #4 by Art Doctor on Tuesday 09 February 2010 - 2301

    People don’t give enough credit where it is due. It sounds like she did mean it, and working in a fast-paced busy ER, it might just be hard to be mindful of this positive feedback in the moment, and own it? Good for you for doing a great job!

  5. #5 by wilomis on Wednesday 10 February 2010 - 1907

    From the pages of my mental health clinical: “So tell me… what do the voices say to you?”… mmhhh .. i see… and how does that make you feel?

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