Crossing to The Dark Side

My employer, Acme Regional Health, ranks employees by how much access they have to information. In other words, the higher up the food chain, the more you’re in the loop. Silly, stupid, and counter-productive, I know — but there it is.

I got a sign a couple of days ago about my impending enthronement as charge nurse: I got my own very special email account and passwords to various programs that will allow me to do charge nursey things. Access to information. We’re movin’ on up. Cue the Imperial March from Star Wars.

The Acme Regional equivalent of the key to the executive toilet. Or something.

“Aren’t you thrilled?” asked my manager.

No. Thrilled is when I get pay commensurate with my new responsibilities. Thrilled, as they say, comes with cold, hard cash. . .


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  1. #1 by JennJilks on Thursday 18 March 2010 - 0838

    You are not kidding, are you? More responsibility? NOT more pay? crikey.
    This is the reason the US educational system is so bad: they pay teachers crap.

    Did you know that all bloggers are men? So says Margaret Wente, Globe & Mail! “Why are bloggers male?”

    I Kid you not!!!

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