Those Emergency Blues is, Like, So 2008

Just wanted to point out that you can now follow me and my musings, bemusings and confusings on Twitter. I’m not sure how or why this will work. Or what to do with it, exactly, or how this will make me a better/happier/healthier writer/blogger/person.  (I must be the unhippest person in the visible universe. Next to Stephen Harper.)

But it sure is exciting!

We welcome our new social media overlords!

In somewhat related news, I have upgraded my internet service from two tin cans and a string to an actual copper wire.

[UPDATE: For some reason a young woman whose avatar showed her holding her boobs in a leopard-skin bra was “following” me. This was creepy. It has been corrected.]

  1. #1 by Scott Tribe on Tuesday 27 April 2010 - 0858

    Actually, you’ve used the wrong link/URL for your Twitter account. You’ve linked to a specific tweet… but what you want if you want people to get to your general Twitter account is to use this URL

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