Teddy Bear Award Nominees

My deep thought for today, since I accidentally published the post I was going post today yesterday (damn you, WordPress interface, for confusing me!), is that Nurses Week will provide ample opportunity for Teddy Bear Alerts* — you know, the writing about nurses that is sweet and syrupy, or that encourages nurses to behave like saccharine doormats; you think of teddy bears, dogs wearing sailor uniforms, or little red-headed girls in pinafore dresses, and then you throw up in your mouth, just a little?

I will keep my eyes peeled for potential nominees to the first (coveted) Annual Teddy Bear Award  for Excellance in Demeaning, Degrading, Soapy/Saccharine or Sterotypical writing for or about nurses.

It’s my public service to you.


*After this infamous post, where I slammed teddy bear scrubs, and the nurses who wear them.


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  1. #1 by deBeauxOs on Friday 07 May 2010 - 1123

    Saccharine doormats. There’s a keeper!

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