No Teddy Bears Here

Telling it like it is:

So, we nurses don’t want towels or party favors for Nurses Week. The best present of all would be hospital floors that always have enough nurses. A serious effort to reduce the amount of required documentation, giving us more time with patients in exchange for less time in front of the computer, would also be a welcome Nurses Week change.

Or how about lunch? Research by Dr. Ann Rogers and colleagues in the Journal of Nursing Administration in 2005 showed that nurses routinely work through their allotted lunch breaks in order to provide patient care. Indeed, on my floor, “lunch” often means eating in front of the computer while we chart, shoveling down food before running off to give pain medication to a patient who needs it, or putting aside all thoughts of food while helping a patient who’s “having trouble breathing.”

Actually, I think we could make a list of what nurses really want, starting with lunch, and it ain’t lanyards, pen lights, or managerial warm fuzzies. My list would start off with Respect and Empowerment. But yeah, lunch occasionally would be nice too.


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  1. #1 by Kalanna on Friday 14 May 2010 - 0855

    Too true! It’s pretty sad where I work. Not only do nurses *not* get that nice respect and empowerment, but only day staff gets lunch and lanyards. Any time there are extracurricular incentive programs going on, they happen between 11am and 1pm. Nothing is left for the evening staff or night staff. We seen pretty posters of happy health care workers but are utterly forgotten.

    Does it really require an entire brain to think of this people? That evening staff isn’t going to come in two hours early for a free and maybe fully barbequed hamburger and night staff is definitely not waking up in the middle of their “night” for such madness.


    thanks for a place to rant!

  2. #2 by DreamingTree on Friday 14 May 2010 - 1011

    I think I’d even feel better if the suits would quit BSing us. In one breath, the suits say that their charts show staffing to be adequate. In another, they show concern for the high number of patient falls, and list preventive measures nursing should be using. **head smack** It’s all related, stupid! You can’t have bare bones staffing & expect patients to be safe. Grrr….I’ll shut up now before I really get going on a rant.

  3. #3 by Maha on Friday 14 May 2010 - 2212

    All I have to add to your post and the comments is AMEN!

    There were 3 breakfasts offered for nurses week and I happened to be working nights on all those times. Am I going to stay an hour after my shift is over to eat greasy food when I could be in bed? Nope.

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