When Hair was Big

I had forgotten all about this song and video, until Sean at Burning Tiger reminded me about it in a funny little post — and watching it, suddenly it was 1985, me, a first year university, drinking my face off and generally acting like an 19 year-old student. I thought the song was amazing and the video way cool and the lead vocalist the hottest guy ever to wear a tight pair of jeans and sing falsetto.

Looking at him now, he’s a punk with an admittedly engaging smile. And why was he being chased with a wrench, anyway?

More philosophically, were we ever that young?

And my conclusion about the culture of the Eighties? Ultimately, it was about Big Hair, and lots of it.



  1. #1 by Bina on Saturday 15 May 2010 - 1557

    Well, it’s still a cute song, and he’s still a cute guy. (I was 18 when it came out, myself.) The video was pretty innovative, mixing live action and cartoons. Mostly, it was the Cute Guy Factor.

    His hair’s not as big as the worst of them, though…

  2. #2 by Bina on Saturday 15 May 2010 - 1558

    (And, thankfully, NOT a mullet. I hated those even then.)

  3. #3 by skdadl on Saturday 15 May 2010 - 1635

    I was *cough* forty in 1985, so I missed that video entirely, although the song is familiar. The video is charming — I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Big hair, though — that I’ve seen, and even bigger in the early sixties.

  4. #4 by HillaryGayle on Wednesday 19 May 2010 - 1349

    You MUST tell me you’ve seen the “literal video” version of this.

  5. #6 by gregmercer601 on Sunday 25 March 2012 - 1146

    I too am just that old_ I waas in middle school when videos came out, and remember this one made a big splash. At the time, a fresh video made for a smash hit single, so we had a lot of one-hit wonders like this one.

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