Maybe Not So Much

Overheard at Triage:

Youngish Female Patient: (at Triage Nurse) Do you have to go to school to do this?

Triage Nurse: Ummm. . .

Youngish Female Patient: Do you get to hook up with the doctors?

Triage Nurse: (makes retching noises)

***         ***          ***          ***          ***

Overheard at Triage:

New Paramedic: (to Triage Nurse, excited) We have a new onset CVA* here, 49 year-old female, slurred speech, ataxia, and decreased LOC†. You guys going to call a Code Stroke?

Triage Nurse: Okay. So what’s the story?

New Paramedic: Her husband says she was drinking today, and then he found her like this about an hour ago.

Triage Nurse: Waiting room, boys, and thanks.


*CVA: Cerebral Vascular Accident, i.e. a stroke.

†LOC: Level of Conciousness.


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  1. #1 by wilomis on Wednesday 09 June 2010 - 1553

    I got into nursing school so I could “hook up” with doctors… oh wait…

  2. #2 by mog on Wednesday 09 June 2010 - 2006

    Only the other day as I was sat at the CT scanner controls a patients mum asked me if you had to do a course to be able to “do this”. She wanted to know as her child was thinking about being a doctor but she was no good at sciences so maybe she could do a scan thing. No science involved in x=ray teching at all…..

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