Mama Drinks Baby Drinks

This poster from the health authorities in the Veneto region in Italy has caused a bit of a stir, so to speak.

According to the Telegraph (London):

The advertising campaign carries a simple message – “When Mum drinks, baby drinks too” (“Mama beve, bimbo beve” in Italian).

The health warning has been launched in the north-east Veneto region and features a drink unique to the area – the “spritz”, a mixture of white wine, Campari and a shot of sparkling water.


The advert is in response to findings by the Italian Institute of Health that 65 per cent of women in Italy consume alcohol during their pregnancy.

The Veneto, which includes Venice, has Italy’s second highest rate of alcohol consumption, with around 67 per cent of women saying they drink regularly.

I’m not clear that “shock value” ads actually work, but they certainly get one’s attention. In the event, no matter if you find the image awful, you have to admire the creativity, even the artistry of the advertising agency which created it.


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  1. #1 by atyourcervix on Saturday 12 June 2010 - 1305

    I like it……but will it be effective?

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