Outlook Not So Good

Or so says my Magic 8 Ball, famous for its prognostications. Yesterday I triaged a 12 year-old child who weighed 112 kg. That’s 247 lbs for you non-metric types.

The poor kid had dependent pedal edema. In other words, swollen feet, from inadequate vascular return. No doubt further testing would show incipeint diabetes and high blood pressure.

For a 12 year-old child? When I compared childhood obesity to abuse, some of you gently took me to task. But I see this child and see a life of unhappiness related to health care, and an early death from kidney disease or heart disease.

I’m not so sure I wasn’t right, after all.


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  1. #1 by mog on Monday 14 June 2010 - 1425

    You are right and I speak as an obese adult. It’s my lack of will power that keeps me this way, the same as a smoker continues to smoke. Would we sit back and let a child be allowed to smoke or would we ‘do something’?? Same difference really.

  2. #2 by Amy on Monday 14 June 2010 - 1726

    It is child abuse, if only neglect. Neglecting the heath of a child is abuse.

  3. #3 by R. May on Tuesday 15 June 2010 - 1111

    I hesitate to say child abuse. Yes it’s bad, yes it needs to be addressed. But from my admitedly limited experience, I’d say children are pretty darn good at accessing junk food themselves. And a lot of the obese children I have seen are from low-income families with obese caretakers. They have limited resources and often limited knowledge. Charging parents with abuse or neglect isn’t probably not going to help.

    Putting recess and daily PE back in school, instituting education programs, teaching people how to cook…probably would go a long way. I don;t know anyone who wants to be overweight and unhealthy or wants that for their children.

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