In Which I Tie Silliness, Art, and Poetry to Nursing, Somehow

Too pooped to write a real blog post — the past week has been a bit of a wretch all together, and my poor tired brain is wired for wine drinking and lounging today. So some bits and pieces I picked up on the web.

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First up: silliness. You got to remember this kind of thing goes on all the time. Unfortunately for the folks up in Peterborough, they got caught:

Conducting an ultrasound on a pregnant dog is unusual, local animal experts say.


The question arose after a Peterborough Regional Health Centre employee was caught using the hospital’s portable ultrasound unit, in the emergency department, on a pregnant dog.

The sight of a dog trotting through the emergency department wouldn’t have set off alarm bells for staff and patients because the hospital allows visits from pets, a hospital spokesman said.

Jonathan Bennett, PRHC spokesman, said pets are allowed in the hospital because of their therapeutic value.

That doesn’t, however, extend to what happened this time.

The PRHC employee was disciplined sometime over the winter for using the publicly funded equipment on a dog while patients stood in line at the emergency department that day.

Since we’re Canadians, I’m not clear if the objection was to the queue-jumping or the fact it was a dog.

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More silliness. From my WordPress stats tracker.

Is MRSA from nastiness?

Why yes, according to the best medical authorities. It is from nastiness. Thanks for asking.

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Now some art, via P.F. Anderson, who also has a pretty cool blog. If I had my druthers, all nurses should either read one poem or contemplate one piece of art daily as part of their practice. Call it continuing education for the spirit. Anyway, a woodblock print from the Japanese artist Yoshitoshi. “A ruthless man has become insane. He watches the skulls of his victims in agony and will perish soon.” [More images here]

And the poem? His death haiku:

holding back the night
with its increasing brilliance
the summer moon

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