Would You Like to Supersize Your Lipitor for 99 Cents?

Tongue firmly in cheek (I think) an article in the American Journal of Cardiology suggests handing out statins* with your favourite megameal: [via Nursing Times]

A team from Imperial College London said that cardiovascular risk associated with the fat content in a 7oz cheeseburger and small sugary milkshake could be cut by giving customers statin pills at the same time.

At less than 5p [8 cents] per pill – the same as a portion of ketchup – the researchers said the plan would be a cheap way of combating the negative health effects of junk food in the same way that smokers are offered filters and drivers must wear seatbelts.

They said: “Routine accessibility of statins in establishments providing unhealthy food might be a rational modern means to offset the cardiovascular risk.

“Fast food outlets already offer free condiments to supplement meals. A free statin-containing accompaniment would offer cardiovascular benefits, opposite to the effects of equally available salt, sugar, and high-fat condiments.”

But that would be the same as, um, admitting that Big Mac combo is actually really bad for you and, what’s more, the synergistically evil combination of Big Pharm and Big Fast Food might be enough to bring about the Apocalypse.

But the marketing possibilities would be endless. . .

*I.e. drugs which lower cholersterol. Lipitor and Crestor are two examples.


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