Back in Business; Some New Links

Tachycardia, dizziness, headache, nausea, diaphoresis, that was me  — and yes, the cause was the loss of my connection to the Interwebs, felled by a Jovian bolt of lightning striking my local wireless tower.

Or so they say.


Anyway, in the interim, in lieu of a real post, I want to draw your attention got some cool new links obtained via Twitter, some (all) of which will end up on the sidebar.

  • New (to me) physician blogger The Examining Room of Dr. Charles, who writes “. . . about medical news, clinical studies, and curious bits of knowledge [and] hope[s] to post a few reflective vignettes and poems.” He’s also holding a poetry competition for all you would-be health care poets. (Thanks to GAMaleRN for pointing me to this link.)

It's shellfish, really

  • Lyall is a somewhat idiosyncratic nurse-photographer/blogger from western Australia, who says “For the most part this tumblelog isn’t a beacon of eruditionhowever occasionally I post serious entries about healthcare and the image of nursing.” The image on the right is from his blog; in case you’re wondering where the urethral meatus is to stick in the catheter, look elsewhere, because it’s an abalone.
  • Way down south (from here, anyway) is a nurse who describes himself a “raging liberal in Southeastern Kentucky, waiting for the day this nation comes to it’s senses” and yes,  EKYProgressive writes some about politics — and nursing, and then more politics. We need more politically conscious nurses, don’t you think?

Anyway, that’s it for me. Off to sit on the porch and formulate more conspiracy theories about my loss of Internet access.



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