Slightly Used Posts: Elegy for an Old Grey Cat

One of a few reposts of my better entries in the past year.

A few lines literally scrawled on the back of envelope at Triage. From September 2009.

Elegy for an Old Grey Cat

My old grey cat died today.
I thought he might when I went to work,
And paused by the couch where he lay
Panting, and stroked his matted fur, and when he mewed
I said good-bye.

I drove away, then got the call, “He’s gone —
I held him close when he died.”
And against the shining light of fall I cried
For an old grey cat we loved, perhaps too much, too well.

O God who minds the ways of men and mice,
And sees each sparrow fall (it’s said)
Have a thought, or care, or hope
For our old grey cat, well-loved, who’s dead.



  1. #1 by Cartoon Character on Saturday 04 September 2010 - 1838

    omg… I sit here watching my old cat die. :(
    how did u know???

    • #2 by torontoemerg on Saturday 04 September 2010 - 2023

      I’m sorry. I just hope it’s as quick and comfortably as my grey cat went.

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