Some Days You Just Gotta Post Links Vol. 3

In honour of a certain otitis media.

  • Some more really bad food. “Four adult men would have to share this entree in order to each stay within a day’s worth of saturated fat.”
  • Quackery. (Also reminds me of that nursing “diagnosis”, “Disturbed Energy Field.”)
  • Palliative care and chemo: “The care the palliative teams offer lets patients be more active, which means they stay healthier. They’re less depressed so they’re more likely to be out and about and keeping physically fit. Of course, they live longer.”
  • Also in prison news, this hasn’t been fixed: ” Court and prison documents obtained by the Star show how the young woman’s complaints of inhumane treatment were repeatedly ignored and how she wound up a “caged animal,” four years after first entering the correctional system for throwing crab apples at a postal worker.” See also here.

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  1. #1 by Maha on Wednesday 29 September 2010 - 1246

    Fried chicken as the bun? I just gained 10lbs looking at that. That should be eaten in the presence of a cath lab.

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