Where I Was Last Weekend

Why, the famous Norwood Fair, of course, about two hours or maybe a little more, northeast of Toronto.  We — the mother-in-law, the husband, and me — drove out last Sunday. The weather was glorious, and the fair was, well, a country fair.

Some photos:

Portraits of prize winning roosters.

They look evil. it isn’t hard to imagine they’re descended from T. rex.

It’s like they want to peck out your eyes.

More under the fold.

Compare and contrast the sheepses.

Don’t you want to take one home? Terrible mess, though. Straw, hay, droppings everywhere.


Prize ribbons for the goat and sheep show. Obviously, they’re not like Olympic medals, in terms of security though the winners get to meet the Queen of the Fair. The big red ones are for the Grand Champions.

Midway. Lots of crap for sale.

Those teeny tiny donuts, all hot and greasy and covered in cinnamon-sugar. Probably the best thing about country fairs, except for the goats.

Big squishy stuffed animals to be won. I asked, was told he’d rather spend the money on poutine.

Pumpkin paintings by local schoolchildren. First, Second and Third Prizes are red, blue, and white, respectively. But everyone gets a ribbon.

A commonly held sentiment.

Of course, giant pumpkins. The prize-winner (top-centre) weighed in at 1128 lbs.

Prize corn. These stalks were about 14 feet. A good crop this year, I was told.

Deep fried Mars bars. I passed, wanting to avoid a hyperglycemic “incident”.

More stuffed prize animals. I liked the colours.

And that was about it, it was fun, it was an outing on a holiday weekend, and yes, I got to pass time with my mother-in-law without becoming profoundly irritated. Score a win, all round!


  1. #1 by mog on Saturday 16 October 2010 - 1946

    Hah, looks like fun, I love the giant pumpkins they remind me of fat men’s bellies, All round and saggy

  2. #2 by Denise on Saturday 16 October 2010 - 2057

    Want to take three goats home — one of each! As for the pumpkin…. Yikes., finished
    this year’s preserves the day before Thanksgiving. Several hundred jars put up in
    the pantry in time for the harvest festival (such a lovely meal this year out on the farm)
    is, I think, quite enough to get us through the winter. Still, can you ever have too much
    pumpkin butter?

  3. #3 by nurseXY on Sunday 17 October 2010 - 1144

    Fun fun!

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