In Which I Write About Stupidity (and Some Facts About This Blog)

Nothing  substantial today — sore tired brain — other than to note that Leisureworld, purveyor of high quality,  compassionate nursing home services in southern Ontario, has issued a dividend.

Also this stupidity:

Kouris’s 83-year-old uncle is one of 11 seniors with dementia who are set to be moved to Sudbury after their mental health centre merges with a new hospital and loses beds in January.

The list of those being moved is constantly changing as the patients improve or worsen, and some could learn at the last minute whether they get to stay or go, a hospital spokeswoman says.

The 130-kilometre distance between North Bay and Sudbury makes it hard for family members — many who are seniors themselves — to make the trip.

I get that the LHIN makes the decisions about bed allocations, but this isn’t Toronto, where shifting beds around makes little difference for access. 130 kilometres in the winter. Frig.

And also, the Double Down makes its appearance in Canada, because, clearly, another fast food item loaded with salt and saturated fats is indicated in a market starved of fast food items loaded with salt and saturated fats. KFC is choking a little on the marketing:

Even KFC doesn’t recommend having the sandwich too often.

Dan Howe, chief marketing officer for Yum! Restaurants Canada, which operates KFC, says the sandwich is a quote — “occasional, indulgent” eat.

Do KFC outlets have automated external defibrillators, you know, for people who overindulge? Just asking.

***         ***          ***          ***          ***

I also note that there’s been — well, not a flood, but definitely more than a rainfall that blocks up the storm sewers — of new readers here lately, and I thought I would remark on my blogging particularities and eccentricities, so no one is surprised, ‘k?

1. I post something daily, except when I don’t.

2. When I don’t post, it’s because I’m doing something else, like working or not writing. Or tending to the husband. Or writing something non-blog related, or simply because my brains are running out of my eyesockets trying to think of a clever and concise way to relate the chaos, funny and serious that usually surrounds me. If I fail, you will read me whine about it, forcefully, the next day.

2. Saturdays I usually post poems. And photographs.

3. Personal writings that some deluded people call “poetry” are liable to appear without notice.

4. Pictures of the cat are liable to appear, again, without notice.

5. Sundays I try to post something portentous.

6. I will post a list ‘o links if I am pressed for time, or (more likely) have nothing to say. These tend to be irregular.

7. More personal details can be found here.


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  1. #1 by Jenn Jilks on Tuesday 19 October 2010 - 1656

    You know, when I wrote my book there were 534 for profit long-term care homes in Ontario, out of a total of 640.

    They act like Transfer Patient Agencies, without the checks and balances that our tax payer cheques deserve.

    It is especially difficult in the north or in rural areas. We just do not have the services available. It would be important to have Personal Support Workers regulated and fully trained. Some are terrible, and simply move to a new region.

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