Students Using Social Media to Inform: Webliography Creation

[When I saw this post on Terri Schmitt’s blog, Nurse Story, I was so impressed by her students’ work I immediately tweeted her to ask permission to repost it here, which she was kind enough to grant. Very cool, guys, and well done.  As Terri would say, GO NURSING!]

by Terri Schmitt Nurse Story

These students have done amazing things and have compiled legitimate sources of internet health information on a good variety of topics. This is what nursing does, we educate, and we can use social media to do that well. These nurses,  in an RN to BSN program, bring their personal interest, knowledge, and skills of internet website evaluation to benefit to their patients on the world-wide-web. I have included a table below with their twitter names and the links to their webliographies. ENJOY!

@MidwestRN – Coronary Artery Disease:

@RnRey – Nursing and Genetics:

@CampusNurse – Oral Mucositis:

@ahopkinsrn – Obesity:

@clynn_rn  – Glomerulonephritis:

@nrodrockrn – Diabetes:

@sandypark82 – Gastroparesis:

@JessicaMRN – Epilepsy:

@NurseNaters – CVA Recovery:

@thetoddrn – COPD:

@Jales_RN – Preeclampsia:

@SusanInman – To Stick or Not to Stick:

@sburntina – Interstitial Cystitis:

@RNkcummings  – Diabetes:

@Julia1219 – Femeroacetabular Impingement:

@punkerkas – Schizophrenia:

@rjbreigRN – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

@megRN4356 – Total Knee Replacements:

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