Some Days You Just Gotta Post Links Vol. 6

The ultimate, time-honoured, blogging fake-out, where your faithful blogger shouts, “Look over there!” while going off and doing something else altogether. Enjoy.

  • A nurse ethicist on end of life care: “The fact that families feel that they haven’t felt that they’ve been part of the decision-making processes regarding end-of-life care and wishes, means that something is definitely wrong with how the health care team is functioning, at a very basic level.”
  • Our First World obsession with the never-ending War on Drugs (among other things) harms palliative care patients in developing nations: “This lack of availability is not because morphine is costly or difficult to get hold of. What is to blame is the so-called war on drugs, says Lohman. So concerned are developing nations such as Columbia, Egypt, and India about the potential for addiction, or the illicit use of morphine, that they make it almost impossible for doctors to give morphine to patients.”
  • A takedown of Cash for Work/Food for Work programs in Haiti. Long read, but worth it if you’re interested in development issues. [Via]
  • Trouble is the culture wars, like most wars, are about the money. But still, a good question: “Could we all find a way to take up the Hippocratic Oath to ‘first, do no harm’ regardless of our beliefs on ‘culture wars’ issues? Clearly, it would not be easy – but isn’t it worth trying?”
  • Also, an ECG wiki: ECGpedia! Because I love cardiology and intend to bore you all. [Via]

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  1. #1 by Terri Schmitt on Friday 12 November 2010 - 1049

    I am God’s worst at ECG interp so THANK YOU!!!! Also, should we get a cake to celebrate the 500th birthday? Would the candles cause issues and would we let anyone blow them out (re: disease spread)?
    I love LINK day at toronto emergency.

  1. Some Days You Just Gotta Post Links Vol. 6 | Todo sobre la Influenza AH1N1 | All About Influenza

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