How To Creatively Screw the Poodle

So did I mention I got me this fabulous new computer, which eats RAW files like fancy chocolates? Anyway, I hadn’t posted any photos for a while. A few from last summer and fall, in lieu of, you know, actual writing. Also, it always amazes me how green things seem in the winter. As always click to embiggen — the small versions don’t do justice.

The garden.


A Geranium sp. and Salvia officinalis


Aster ‘Alma Potske’. I may have posted this one before, but hey, the colours are stunning.

Sunlight through goldenrod fluff in a vacant field.


Aster nova-angliae.

Gone with The Wind sunset out in the country. As God as my witness, I’ll never be hungry again, etc. Cue music.


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