Some Days You Just Gotta Post Links Vol. 7

A little more than the usual linkage, to carry you through the holiday season.

  • A medical wiki, supposedly written only by real physicians. There ought to be a nursing wiki, don’t you think? How would we start one?

“Optical illusions mystify and inspire our imagination, but in truth they show us that how we see the world is not necessarily physically accurate, but rather depends a lot on our brains. Illusions such as the ones we used influence how big something looks; that is, they can trick us into believing that two identical objects have different sizes.

  • “Specially trained nurses, known as nurse practitioners, may help speed the diagnosis and management of patients with back pain who would normally wait months to see a surgeon, according to a new study.”

Although 67% of Canadians and 85% of Australians support legal euthanasia, according to polls conducted by Angus Reid in Canada and by theNorthern Territory News in Australia, Nitschke says support from the medical community is lower than the general population. “Some people think you can either support palliative care or euthanasia. They don’t think you can have both.”

“Let’s shock him!” Without even batting  an eye, the pads were placed on the patient, “EVERYONE CLEAR?” The familiar sound of charging I hear the daily, when the equipment is tested.  And then a very new and different sound as 200 joules of electricity surge through the machine and into the patient and the patient nearly leaping off the bed, yelling, and grabbing his chest, as his heart is told to beat differently. His eyes bulged in his head. He looked like he might vomit, might punch someone in the face, and then, nearly as soon as it began, he lied peacefully. He converted. Heart rate 130’s, A fib.

  • Hospital stupid, in which player pianos are more important than rape kits.

Under no circumstances are any healthcare providers, paid or volunteer, to perform CPR on me, including artificial respirations or chest compressions. There are exceedingly few people that survive such therapy and frankly, I’d rather use that slim chance to win the lottery

Should the preceding request go unheeded and I am on a ventilator, under no circumstances should artificial ventilation continue for more than one week. If I cannot be taken off the ventilator in that time, please remove the endotracheal tube or whatever artificial airway is in my body and turn off the ventilator. I will take my chances.

Under no circumstances am I to be fed. This includes tube feedings via any port in my body including intravenous, nasogastric, orogastric, percutaneous endogastric or duodenal routes, or even if someone should offer to cut up my food and/or feed it to me. Should the recommendation for such a form of nourishment be mentioned as part of my care, I summarily refuse it.

I have been sitting down with the Vice-Presidents and they will shortly begin having meetings with upper-level management who will then be meeting with middle-management, who then will meet with your unit managers to work on the operating budgets for the next fiscal year.  Sacrifices will have to be made at one point.  We’re hoping this doesn’t include layoffs, but instead we will flex and cancel people so that they have a de facto pay cut since they no longer work their scheduled hours.  We’re all doing it.  In fact I am taking off time this month as well, flexing.  Of course, my salary isn’t remotely effected.  We here at the Head Orfice do appreciate your sacrifices, but are asking for more.  We need you to do more with less.  Our new operating budgets will reflect that.  There are going to be hard decisions to make in the next year and I hope that our staff will be willing and able to make the changes needed and if not I’m sure there are plenty that will.

[But read the whole thing.]


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