Submit Your Blog Post for the First Annual Those Emergency Blues Prize for Writing

Just a gentle reminder (I’m leaving this as a sticky over the holidays) about the First Annual Those Emergency Blues Prize for Writing. The deadline is approaching quickly, and I know there are tons of great blog posts out there.

My aim is simple: I want to encourage and recognize all the exceptional writing by nurse bloggers. I want us to tell our stories in a clear and forceful way.

Apart from the prestige (dubious), and a fancy-pants button for your website (yet to be designed), there are fabulous prizes:

1ST — $50 gift certificate from Amazon

2ND— a gift basket of smelly stuff from the artisans at Cree

3RD — the nurses’ friend: a travel mug.

How to Submit a Blog Post: Submissions/Nominations — I prefer a link to the original post — can be made to me at torontoemergencyrn (at) gmail (dot) com or left in the comments of this post.

Rules are simple:

  1. Submissions must be written by a nurse. They may be on any topic or any length.
  2. Submissions may be made by the author (strongly encouraged) or by anyone who sees a great blog post deserving recognition.
  3. Deadline for submission is 2359 ET, 31 December 2010.
  4. Winners will be announced in January 2011.

This being a one-horse operation, submissions will be evaluated by myself, and another judge.

I will occasionally post entries here — with the author’s permission, of course.




  1. #1 by shrtstormtrooper on Tuesday 28 December 2010 - 1300

    Just wanted to say thanks again for the inclusion in this contest – it makes me happy that others enjoy reading and think I don’t suck too bad!

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