Top 10 Popular Posts in 2010

For what it’s worth, the ten most popular posts for 2010:

1. Full Code (Not one of my best written pieces, frankly — but what do I know?)

2. Spam Bomb (At a loss to explain this, basically it’s a two-line squib warning people I was deleting a whack of spam. I think people google spam + bomb and show up here.)

3. Can We Stop the I’m-a-Male-Nurse-Who-Isn’t-Gay-Contrary-to-the-Stereotype Routine?

4. Florence Nightingale: Images and Words

5. Some Thoughts on “Independent” Nursing Practice

6. The Lady with the Lamp (Rather like this one.)

7. The Value of Nurses (Created a lot of discussion: I will add this as a permanent page, I think.)

8. How a Police Officer Can Get a Nurse Fired (More contention.)

9. Obesity in Children Equals Parental Neglect? (I got smacked a little on this, for suggesting obesity was a form of child abuse. However, the point remains, and I still haven’t changed my mind.)

10. Death in the Waiting Room

Apart from the first two, it’s a pretty representative list of the 400-odd posts I’ve made this year. Interestingly, none of my “first hand” accounts of emergency department silliness/stupidity/awfulness made the twenty except the terribly written post in first place; “Code” came in at #22, and it barely counts, being ancient history for me.


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