“Iron In His Thighs”

Some Saturday non-health care silliness, in the form of the awful cartoons inflicted on us by countless hours as children — if you’re of uncertain age. I’m thinking the animators didn’t realize when they were producing such crap that decades later they would be unintentionally adding to the sum of human happiness.

Remember this one? For some reason, though, we never saw Dorothy, except in the opening. Though I waited. And waited.

Then there was the cosmically bad “Rocket Robin Hood.” This may have been the suckiest cartoon ever:

And, of course the oh-so-campy “Mighty Hercules,” featuring Newton the Centaur (“Your ring, Herc, your ring!”), the evil Daedelus, the beautiful and oddly Nordic Helena and those notorious theme song lyrics: “Softness in his eyes/Iron in his thighs.” (!)

A complete episode, guaranteed to make you giggle. Or weep. Or turn you into stone with its Medusa-like powers.

[Via here and also here.]



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