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This blog hopes to present a different perspective on the Vancouver 2011 Stanley Cup Riot. Here, we’ll try to post letters of those that were working on the front lines: police officers, fire fighters, paramedics, doctors, nurses, hospital staff, transit staff, volunteers, and many more.”

The Boerewors Emergency Medicine Chronicles: “A bad day at work yesterday….it was tripping along quite nicely…we were well staffed…I’d even beaten my own best score at ‘Zombie Gunship’

…and then at about 17h50,just before my evening meal break, ShufflingBob called me to the resus room to look at a baby…
…a 13 month old baby who had a number of serious congenital health problems…
…necessitating a colostomy…
…who had been vomiting more than 15 times a day, every day,since Wednesday…
…who had seen the GP on Wednesday (and got given Amoxil) and on Friday (and got given Erythromycin)…
…and who was pale…grey coloured…with an oxygen saturation of 72%…
…a respiratory rate of 84…
…and a pulse of 180…”
…the baby was in a peri-arrest situation..”

Ordinary Citizen by Day:

“Patient: They’re gonna go an exam on me?!

Me: Well, you did come in with a complaint that usually necessitates one to determine the problem.>

Patient: Well you can tell them that I don’t want ANYONE getting all up in my cupcake! No. Way.”

What to Do When Docs Go Wild. Call them out. “A physician who threatened to use an AK-47, a sexually harassing doctor who looked at porn on work computers and a specialist who used to cause nurses to draw straws with the loser having to interact with her. These were some of the horror stories. . . .”

Sweating the Small Stuff. Important. Do it. Really. “But it is also uber important not to let the small stuff slip past. Often the small things are in actuality, big things a long way off. Sometimes this tyranny of distance hides a mass and velocity that are completely underestimated. Until impact.”

Outcomes of Nurse-Inserted Central Venous Catheters. “It adds to a growing body of evidence that nurses can and must provide services for which they are capable and trained and that allowing nurses to function within the full scope of their licensure and education will only increase the efficiency of the healthcare system and improve patient satisfaction and outcomes.”

Stop Calling Them Dear, Dear. It’s nasty and dehumanizing: “But once you’ve decided that “old dear” is fine, you’ve already depersonalised and infantilised the elderly. Why would you care what the old dears think? They’re just a bunch of old dears.”

Update on the Brian Sinclair Case. According to the Winnipeg Free Press:  “Sinclair, a 45-year-old double amputee, died in 2008 of a treatable bladder infection at the Health Sciences Centre after waiting 34 hours for treatment. The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority recently paid Sinclair’s family $110,000 on a portion of their lawsuit dealing with Brian Sinclair’s wrongful death.Berthaudin said in a written decision that Zbogar and Trachtenberg did not provide any evidence to back up their public nuisance allegation.”How Home Care Workers are Treated Like Dirt. “For millions of aging households, a home care worker is the only person who provides the day-to-day assistance and emotional interaction they need to function. Yet, typically, that worker is neglected herself–by the government.”


Did My Post Suck Today?  “God, I would love it if the Westboro Baptist Church protested this blog.”

One Reason Why Wealthy People Tend to Self-Perpetuate. “I think that one of the reasons that the children of wealthy parents tend to become wealthy too – aside from the obvious – is that they comprehend more career options.”

Irony Alert. Homophobes may be acting out . . . wait for it . . . on their own same-sex attraction: “Individuals who identify as straight but in psychological tests show a strong attraction to the same sex may be threatened by gays and lesbians because homosexuals remind them of similar tendencies within themselves.”

Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria. On meat. Yum.

[UPDATE (17/04/12): after much moaning and whinging, fixed the formatting.Which I tend to fuss over — don’t want to obscure the message.]

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  1. #1 by jenjilks on Saturday 14 April 2012 - 0918

    RE: How Home Care Workers are Treated Like Dirt.
    You have to watch the differences between US care and Canadian healthcare.
    In Canada PSWs are to be registered. They are not, however, regulated.
    Education and upgrading varies by institution and transfer payment agency (e.g., Red Cross, vs. CCAC contracted for-profits like Bayshore, which made $400 million 2010.)
    In addition, Red Cross workers are in unions and negotiate collective agreements.
    This means a wide range in quality nonetheless.

  2. #2 by rescueninja on Sunday 15 April 2012 - 0901

    Thanks for the shoutout! :)

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