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So I hobbled into work, for the first tine into ten days, my foot swollen and my toes blue from the ecchymosis, my ankled swathed in a fancy-pants brace with straps and laces and that for all the world like a sex toy (though I wouldn’t know what they would look like, I’m sure.)

Hoots of derisory, if somewhat loving laughter. . . and a new name, chosen with that charming Emergency Department humour: Timmy. Not Tiny Tim, the beloved Dickens character. The other one.

This one: 

(I always wanted to be named after a South Park character.)

I have very evil colleagues. Which is reassuring: they must love me. I think.

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This and That and a Couple of Questions

Wish I had Said It: An article in the Guelph Mercury, by Tracie Parr RN, “in honour of her fellow nurses at Guelph General Hospital.”  Should be passed out to patients at Triage. Excerpt:

I am the one who keeps you in mind as I look bleakly at our system, and my workload, and the limitations I have to work within. I am the one who often trembles inside with fear and adrenaline yet still choose to give all that I can, while I can, from the moment I walk in the door until my mind allows me to sleep at the end of the day.

I am your target, as your frustration builds from the waiting and uncertainty. I know about discomfort, and I see the frustration as you watch while others are granted entry and the waiting is merciless.

But while you wait, did you know that I am also the one who is caring for someone else whose life is more troubled than yours?

Read the full article here.

Ankle Update: Up and about on it for short periods of time, but anything more than ten or fifteen minutes is very uncomfortable. Been wathing a colossal amount of television, probably more in the past three or four days than I’ve watched in a couple of years, and I’m stunned by the the equally colossal amount of shit being broadcast. You tend to forget. Good thing I have drugs to dull the pain — and the senses.

From Nuts to Soup: My newest favourite comfort food is Italian Wedding soup. Anyone know a good recipe? I’m almost afraid to ask: making all those tiny meatballs is surely a nuisance.

New Laptop: I’m on the active hunt for a new laptop — old Bessie, on whom I’m writing this post — is increasingly unreliable and unable to deal with the demands of high speed wireless. I’m a bit bewildered by the choices. Any recommendations?

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