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Best Laid Plans of Mice and Bloggers

Here I was planning to post on multitude of topics, including some stuff on breastfeeding, restraints, the duty to care, more twists and turns in the Amanda Trujillo case, the usual CVSaturday poem and Friday night short film, and I evenhad a wicked April Fools’ joke to launch on Sunday.

Life gets in the way. In in this case it is a family medical emergency which is going to be consuming my time over the next few days. There there won’t be any new posts until Monday at the very earliest, and maybe not even then. I’ll see you next week.



Hello, TorontoEmerg, This is You Brain Calling

How I spent the last few days and how this relates to my plans for the coming week.

I spent the better part of Friday preparing to get drunk, and then, in fact, getting drunk. Far, far too drunk. This is funny, because I never drink, being the soul of moderation.

Saturday was the day after the night before.

Sunday I nearly went to church, but didn’t because I procrastinated till it was too late to go (I was writing a blog post, actually), and then I went shopping. I know I’ve said I’m a Christian and so on, and Christians are not supposed to drink to excess and even Sunday shopping is a little frowned upon — but I never said I was a good Christian. I’m hardly even a mediocre Christian. Too mouthy. Anyway, I also went to my new favourite all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant, perhaps to soothe the guilt of not doing my religious duty. I am a little embarrassed to relate I’m eating there so frequently the owner has given me a little card making me a “V.I.P customer” which entitles me to 10% off lunch and dinner. Last time I went he gave me a plate of delicious steamed mussels though they aren’t on the all-you-can-eat menu. This worried me, a little. When a man gives you a plate of steamed mussels in front of your husband, I think there is something going on. I was quite anxious about this. Would he repeat his free mussel performance? I glanced nervously toward the kitchen every few moments. I felt as though God was punishing me by wrecking my lunch. However, there were no further mussels.

Monday, I took  friend and her diabetic cat to the vet, then ended up shopping some more, which is very surprising, because I loathe shopping the same way some people loathe Justin Bieber. Incidentally, I saw his doll at 50% off. We intended just to run into the mall “for just a minute” at 1115 and stayed so long our planned lunch metamorphosed into supper.

Filed under the category of It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time is the fact that I’m working four day shifts in a row beginning today.

All of which is to say, posting may be light and insubstantial over the next few days. I don’t even have any ideas for light and insubstantial posts. I have no blog posts written in advance. I used up my emergency reserve post a couple of weeks ago.  My brain has gone on vacation.

I am a bad blogger.

I hang my head. In shame.

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It’s Like, So 2003

Just spent a wasted hour updating the linky-loos on the blogroll to your right. Why am I thinking the phase “updating my blogroll” is already a relic of a by-gone age?

And, oh yeah, check out the newbies.


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Spam Bomb

Woke up this morning to find 493 messages in my spam filter, in addition to the 247 I deleted last night; there are 91 more as I’m writing. I know legitimate messages occasionally appear in the spam filter and I’m sorry if I have deleted yours — I love you all but reviewing 850-odd spam messages is beyond the call of duty.

This has happened before: do certain words in the post titles trigger the spam-bots?

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