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Big and Pink

So we were out in the country, which if you live in Toronto means somewhere north of Highway 7, driving along when suddenly we saw these hanging from the trailer hitch of a Dodge Dakota:

OK, they’re truck nuts. A cultural phenom worthy enough to rate an article in Wikipedia, and also the subjects of legislation in several U.S. states to have them banned. ( But can you legislate against bad taste? ) Me the naif had never heard of them till I actually saw them in their lurid pink-toned reality.

Three observations to would-be owners of truck nuts:

  1. The obvious: don’t they scream “I’m compensating”? Maybe not the best message you want to send to women you want to date?
  2. If you really think they’re the cat’s ass and must hang them, you maybe want to get a real — not a Dakota!pick-up, with a hemi? (See 1, above.)
  3. As a nurse, I have seen scrota by the gazillions. I guarantee yours aren’t as beautiful or large as these, which seem to represent the Platonic ideal of testicularity.
  4. Is also creepy. (See 1, above.)

With luck, their own ridiculousness will limit their popularity. I’d hate to see them attached to BMWs traipsing down the DVP. . .




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