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Nurses are Bimbos, Aren’t They?

And then there’s this shite, wrong in so many, many ways, again via The Truth About Nurses:

If you are gorgeous, compassionate, and ready to star in a hot new television show, this may be your big opportunity. Studio Lambert, the production company behind the mega-hit CBS show Undercover Boss and creator of Project Runway, is teaming up with MysticArt Pictures and they are searching for dynamic nurses and nursing students for a new docu-series titled Cali Nurse.

Cali Nurse will be a light-hearted, sexy docu-series that follows a group of young nurses and nursing students as they experience comedy, romance, and fun. The girls will eat, sleep, and live together while viewers watch what unfolds at the house, at the hospital, and in their social lives. Nobody knows more about helping people than nurses, giving viewers the opportunity to see their big hearts and caring ways at work. Studying for practical exams, dates with McDreamy, and working an extra job in your spare time – the TV audience will see it all as the show captures the lives of those learning to save lives.

Sexist and demeaning and devaluing to nurses? You think? There is some sort of letter-writing campaign against this, but I guess it will deter the producers not in the least. And I don’t doubt either there will be no shortage of nurses or nursing students* willing to contribute to the bimboization failing to appreciate the dignity and value of their profession.

Also, it reminds me of this.


*Aside: Any nursing student considering doing this, needs to seriously and reflectively think about being a nurse.

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