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Summer Hours and Sangría

You might notice a certain slackening in the the rate of  posts in the next couple of months to three or four times a week: well, it’s summer, and this pretty well justifies anything, I think, including funky sunglasses, silly hats and excessive drinking of sangría.

On a completely unrelated note, I see I have a politician now following this blog on Twitter, albeit an unelected one, and a Tory to boot. Nevermind that I would vote for a dead yellow dog before voting Conservative. . .

Sangría for Those Emergency Blues (makes about 2 L)

Get a big pitcher.

Slice up an orange, a lemon, and any other fruit you might have. Strawberries and peaches work well. Drop into the pitcher. Add

2 cups of orange juice

1 cup of Coitreau or Triple Sec

4 cups dry red wine (cheap but decent is okay)

a cup or two of ice

Stir it all together. Top up with lemon-lime pop, like Sprite or Seven-Up, and Bob’s your uncle. If you’re entertaining a horde, the basic rough proportions are 8 parts wine, 4 parts orange juice, 2 parts Cointreau and 2 parts Sprite.

I’ve been told you can be really frou-frou and use white wine, but I’ve never tried it.



Happy Summer Solstice

Shortest night of the year, or something, blah, blah, blah. But I’m working. Should be dancing naked around a bonfire, drinking wine or something.



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