A Disclaimer, Sort of.

These are the mostly fictional hallucinations of an Emergency Department RN somewhere in the Greater Toronto Area. If you think I am writing about you, I am not. Because you were fabulous. Because you were the best patient I ever had, and after a short stay went home cured, well and grateful. Maybe. Who knows? (See hallucinations, above.) All patient details have been changed to conceal identity, and are mostly figments of stories mating with other figments to produce a semi-coherent narrative.  Which is to say, Truths found in this blog are literary and artistic rather than factual and real. I trust I make myself clear.

  1. #1 by James M. Burton on Friday 05 February 2010 - 1635

    I totally love your disclaimer. I expect to rip it off with little or no credit given… thank-you. (BTW, with the brilliant explanatory skills exhibited above, have you ever considered politics?)

  2. #2 by torontoemerg on Friday 05 February 2010 - 1655

    Feel free to exploit me at your leisure. Though I am detecting a little sarcasm with the politics remark. Frankly, I’m hurt. Are you implying I’m being — obfuscatory?

  1. Why Nurses are Furious about the Amanda Trujillo Case, Those Emergency Blues, @torontoemerg #nurseup #nursefriendly | Nurse Up!

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