What I Did Yesterday

As you might have noticed, I wasn’t here yesterday. You’ll be glad to know I wasn’t merely frivelling my time away: I was downtown (Toronto, that is) at the swankish and hip world headquarters of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, which is mere blocks from ground zero of the Toronto International Film Festival and other cultural hubs like the Royal Alex, Roy Thompson Hall and the opera house; compare and contrast with that other institution for Ontario nurses, the College of Nurses of Ontario, located at the ugly and unfashionable end of Davenport. I was being all professional and nurse-empowering, helping out a friend with a project having to do with best practice guidelines. All very hush-hush and on the q-t, you know. Actually not. But still, it was all very interesting, and I could make a point of telling people I met there, “Yes, I’m a RNAO member!” and be actually telling the truth. For once.

Then off to a long lunch of sushi with said friend, after creating a small(ish) disturbance in an East Asian grocery on Spadina. I avoided re-enacting last year’s sad debacle. All in all, a satisfactory day. But did you miss me?

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