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A Blogger, Allegedly

So, it’s been awhile, eh?

It was Chuck Norris who found me.

To everyone who emailed and texted and Tweeted, thanks. Everything is hunky and dory. I’m not dead, ok? Let’s get that out of the way. Nor am I afflicted with a Chronic Debilitating Illness, unless you count members of my family. (That would be the topic of long separate blog post + extended psychotherapy.)

So what happened? Much to my surprise and amazement (and frank gratitude if truth be known) I got a new job about this time last year. A job with a very steep learning curve and a fairly cool boss with an alphabet soup of letters after her name and about as far away from Emergency nursing as you can imagine without leaving the hospital.

It is true, friends.

I have walked away from the front line.

I have drunk the mystical Kool-Aid.

I am Management.

But not real Management. I don’t actually manage anyone. I make up PowerPoints (ugh), give talks, and do research. I write policies. I have projects. I educate patients and staff.  I occasionally make recommendations to Important People many steps above my pay grade, When I do speak, the senior administration actually pays attention and sometimes will do this or that based on the words flowing out of my mouth. This is a bit of a revelation for a front-line nurse used to managers halfheartedly and reluctantly paying attention. OK, not really paying attention at all.

Nurse K once suggested to me that my ambitions for real management were probably misplaced. Having observed front-line managers from the other side up close for the past year, I have to agree. Being a front-line manager truly and deeply sucks. It’s far worse than being a charge nurse. (I say this as an embittered former old charge nurse, remember.) Awesome amounts of responsibility and no actual power. And navigating the snakepit which is hospital politics. And the risk of being walked off the property at will. Great job, right?

So first lesson: I think I dodged a bullet there. I really don’t want to be a manager.

Second lesson:  This is the first job where I use all of the skills I have acquired as a nurse in a meaningful and effective way.

I’m not just talking about clinical skills, or therapeutic communication skills which are surprisingly important in my current position; I’m also talking about evidence-based practice, critical thinking, leadership, understanding hospital processes, effecting change, teaching and developing clear presentations and a whole pile of other stuff — a whack of skills I acquired along the way in my ED practice.  The unfortunate fact is, the opportunities to develop and use all of these skill in front-line practice is limited. The fact I had to leave front-line practice to fully explore them is a telling, don’t you think?

Third lesson: Make the jump. I’m looking at all of you who think there must be more. Or better. Do something different. You won’t regret it.

Curiously enough a couple of days ago, someone named Darren Royds left this comment on one of my blog posts:

You need to get out and find a decent job. Have a life , live and reduce stress. I have quit nursing and was the best decision I ever made. You will end up as so many do.

Well exactly.  I haven’t quit nursing, though. But as much as I loved working in the ED, it was clearly time to move on. It was the best job decision I have ever made.

Have you guys ever made a career change to/from/within nursing? Was the outcome good/bad/indifferent?



P.S. So what about the blog?

That, dear friends, will be a topic for another blog post.

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Judging from the outer ear canal crust this morning, I gather the infection and the pressure perforated my eardrum overnight. Frankly, I don’t know when I’ve felt so lousy. No post today, obviously, but a few autumnal garden photos.

Incidentally, does anyone have an opinion when I should get further attention? The treatment seems to be antibiotics (which I’m on) and time, but the ongoing pain, the hearing loss and general crapitudiness is a bit alarming.

Symphyotrichum novae-angliae (syn. Aster novae-angliae) 'Alma Potschke'. Who says fall gardens have to be dull?

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In Which I Bore You with Pictures of More Roses

My ISP was down again today. Took some rose pictures instead, with my Canon and my brand-new-to-me garage-sale tripod. The sun was a little high and a little bright, but still a reasonable effort. [Click on the pics for clearer, better images.]

Rosa ‘Leander’ (Austin)

Rosa ‘Tropicana’ (HT)

(Incidentally, I don’t usually have Hybrid Teas in my rose garden — too much muss, too much fuss — but ‘Tropicana’ looked so tempting in the Loblaws Garden Centre this spring.  I haven’t  been disappointed: it’s bloomed nearly continuously all summer. It was probably worth the 12.99 I paid for it, even if I kill it with benign neglect over the winter.)

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A Post for A Drab Day

I had some monumental snarkiness about the College and Associaion of Registered Nurses of Alberta and their decision to discipline nurses for using the internet at work — a hitherto unexplored danger to public safety! — but I don’t have the heart for it today. Suffice the say, their Complaints Committee has far to much time on their hands.

At any rate, went a farmer’s market yesterday and bought a quart basket of field-ripened heritage tomatoes for the slightly exorbitant price of $9. However, these are possibly the best tomatoes I have ever tasted. Eating them in — what else? —  toasted tomato sandwiches seems to be the best destiny for them, but adding them fresh to hot pasta with a dash of olive oil, some grated parm and plenty of salt and pepper is a close second.

And the garden about ten days ago. Sadly, the lilies (Lilium canadense, in case you’re wondering) have faded since.

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Reason #3451 Why I’m Posting Light This Summer

A rose by any other name
Rosa ‘Mrs John Laing’

Need I say more?

No mildew or blackspot this year either. Last year was horrid.

P.S.  Does anyone know why my photos, which look delightful on my laptop, look positively awful and out of focus when I upload them?


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